About Mystic Glass Creations

With over 20 years experience, Mystic Glass Creations has garnered an enviable reputation for innovation in the modern glass jewellery scene.

Based on the West Coast of Canada in beautiful Victoria BC, Mystic Glass Creations was established in 2002.

We actively retail our work at local art shows, farmer's markets and festivals throughout Vancouver Island. We are also active in wholesale across Canada, the USA, Hawaiian Islands and beyond.

From day one, we sought to set ourselves apart from a somewhat crowded market. Our stunning designs and unique approach to hand-sculpted glass has created an especially high-value niche while remaining approachable and affordable.

Silversmithing is frequently incorporated into our designs to provide intrinsic and aesthetic value, together with artistic texture and accent.

We are proud to introduce an exciting new Jewellery Collection of Memorial Keepsakes.

We aim to use artwork as a powerful healing tool by incorporating cremation remains into our glass jewellery. It is a beautiful way to honour and process losing a loved one, both people and pets, and share memories with family and friends as well as celebrate their life.

The journey customers take when they visit my shop is an emotional one—one filled with joy after finding the perfect item but also sorrow from their loss. Memorial jewelry doesn’t replace those we have lost, but serves as a reminder that although someone may no longer be physically here, they still live on in our hearts forever.

Our desire is to reflect the individuality of your loved one’s life, forever infused, to hold and keep close to your heart.

About Kim Reid

Twenty Years and Counting…

The story of Mystic Glass Creations is Kim Reid’s story and starts long before its establishment in 2002, starting with her upbringing on the East Coast of Canada. A ‘Maritimer’ at heart, her curiosity to explore, love of the ocean and the pursuit of her art brought her across the country to the majestic West Coast where she made a life and now calls her home.

Following her formal art education at NSCAD University, Kim embarked on a life-long journey of self-discovery in which her creative muse finds its truest expression in glass. It’s always been easy for Kim to see beauty in the ordinary and the natural where she endeavours to strike a perfect balance of these many influences in her artistry.

Kim’s quest for knowledge has seen her work with, and learn from, some of the foremost practitioners in the arts community. She is grateful for the people and experiences that have allowed her to synthesize techniques from outside and within the glass blowing fraternity, provide inspiration, develop innovative methods and incorporate silversmithing and other design elements into her ever-growing body of work.

Crafted With Love.....

Kim delights in the knowledge that her art contributes to the wellbeing of her customers in a very personal, memorable and spiritually distinctive way. Her customers feel beautiful inside and out because of what she does. She knows because her customers tell her so time and again!

Hers is a true labour of love & goodwill towards all those who support her artistic journey.

This personal connection is never greater than when she is working on a cremation keepsake, content in the knowledge her art is contributing to someone’s healing during a difficult time in their lives. Helping people is deeply rooted in her core being, and she shares in the value and meaning of her memorial work.

Let Kim use her design expertise to help you create a piece of custom jewellery or memorial keepsake.

Reach out & let's co-create.

IN THE NEWS: Langford artist using glass sculpture and cremated remains to keep memories alive

Kimberly Anne Reid is creating one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted glass jewelry in her backyard

A Langford artist is using her skills as a glass flame worker to provide those who have lost loved ones with a unique opportunity to keep their memories close.

From her backyard shed turned glass work studio, Kimberly Anne Reid carefully hand sculpts delicate glass jewelry, incorporating a small amount of cremated remains in each piece. The result is a one-of-a-kind peice of art which literally lets people keep their loved ones close to their heart.