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Hi there,  I'm Kimberley Anne Reid

Since 2001, I've devoted myself to the art of crafting glass jewelry turning my deep passion for glass into a business that's small in size but gigantic in heart.

Memorial glass jewelry has cremation ash inside that is visible and mixed with colour and patterns.

Memorial/Cremation Ash Keepsakes

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Artisan Glass - Melting - Spinning - Sculpting - One Creation at a Time

There's something truly magical about artisanal glass and how each individually hand-sculpted piece carries a story. Using the skillful techniques of Flamework, I spin glass into breathtaking forms of wearable art on my torch, creating not just another piece of jewelry, but heartfelt keepsakes that capture memories, connection, friendship and the spirit of nature & love. For those not lucky enough to witness the process first-hand, the results are here to be enjoyed in our unique Jewelry and Memorial Cremation Ash Keepsake Collections.

Magical Moment-in-Time

It isn’t easy to understand just how otherwise raw materials can become something so extraordinary. Chemistry fuses with art at the end of an oxygen/propane torch where incredibly high temperatures (2500 degrees Fahrenheit) provide the right conditions for us to ‘work our magic’. It’s a fleeting moment during which the glass morphs from solid to liquid before returning to its original state - now wholly transformed into stunning, wearable art.

Creative Vision finds Ultimate Expression

This is the moment our creative vision finds ultimate expression. Clear and coloured glass rods are delicately combined with fine silver, 24 karat gold, opals and dichroic glass, as each piece is spun and sculpted to become a ‘one-of-a-kind’ 3D miniature masterpiece. Two items might share a similar ‘design’, though being ‘hand-worked’, they can never be the same. Each piece is unique, characteristically distinct and appears differently according to the wearer, ambient light and environment.

Inspired by Nature

Connections with nature’s beauty and the elements are an ever-present inspiration. The same powerful forces that continue to transform Canada’s coastal mountains and shores are brought to life in our work. The elements of earth, water, wind and fire are dynamically combined to conjure a sense of movement and mystery in every piece we design.

Connecting the Past to Our Present

The wisdom of our forbearers inspires everything we do and how we do it. They sought to teach us the importance of connections to one another (past and present) and to our environment. We desire to capture a beautiful memory, moment or treasured association for those who wear or gift our jewellery.

Our artistry is also rooted in a nod to the past, where the efforts of alchemists sought to create the precious from the ordinary through chemical transformation, using their skills to heal and bring wellbeing to others. The parallels are no coincidence in our Memorial Jewellery Collections. Grief affects us all in distinctive ways, and we are honoured to be a part of your healing journey. These intentionally made pieces are designed to reassure and provide an everlasting keepsake of your loved ones (people & pets) and honour their memory.